Viola Piekut


It is possible to borrow wedding and evening dresses?

Yes, you can borrow a wedding dress or an evening dress? The cost accounts for 50-60% of the price of a dress. You will receive a cleaned dress matched to your posture and size. The time for which a dress is borrowed is agreed upon individually – usually 5 days.

What sizing options?

Dresses are exhibited in standard sizes – usually from 36 to 40, there are some models in size 42. Ordered dresses are sewn as per the customer's size.


When the dress is being ordered, an advance payment of 1,000-1,500 PLN is collected. Dresses are sewn according to the customer's size, with potential changes taken into account. The time of waiting is 3-5 months, depending on the availability of fabrics and the date of wedding (peak of season...). In “extreme” situations we are ready to accept an order as an exception and to sew dresses within a much shorter time.

Is it necessary to schedule an appointment?

We recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time for your comfort. Only in such case can we guarantee customised service and professional advice to each of you (charge-free service).

How early should the first meeting take place ahead of the date of wedding?

We recommend about 5-6 months ahead of the date of your wedding.

The first meeting – and what next?

The moment of making the decision will be preceded by further 2 meetings: the 1st measurement and the 2nd measurement. Only after these meetings does the receipt occur.

Is it possible to modify a specific model?

We value a customised approach to the customer, so we often decide to make minor modifications in the model concerned. However, we do not agree to sew designs other than those prepared in our studio.

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