Viola Piekut

Opening of the Atelier at Jana Pawła 27

Opening of the Atelier at Al. Jana Pawła 27 in the very heart of the city on 24.02.2016.

On 24 February, VP's logo at Al. Jana Pawła II 27 blazed for good and shone brighter and higher than our dreams reached. And all thanks to people who have made this place unique. Yesterday the threshold of the new atelier was crossed by over 100 guests, in whose presence we had the honour to declare them as officially OPEN. “From now on, we are on both sides of the Vistula.

This gives us the strength to dream on and open up to the unknown...” this is how Viola Piekut summarised her moving speech, expressing her huge gratitude for all the guests. Thanks to everyone who has been, is and will be with us! 

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