Viola Piekut

Fashion Week, Łódź 13.11.2015

She has been associated with wedding and evening fashion for many years. She is always unconventional and ruthlessly perfect. She always demands of herself and demands even more of what she does. In 2015, her definition of fashion turned new circles. The CASUAL line came out and firmly entered the DESIGNER AVENUE catwalk during FASHION PHILOSOPHY FASHION WEEK POLAND.

This collection is dedicated to the beauty of women, their daily activities and unusual dreams. Fresh and fascinating, light and simple, almost hovering above the ground... but also keeping feet on it. “During this season, I also thought of a wilder image of each of us. Short Black is the line where black and extravagance prevails. And all is made of top-quality materials, with highest attention to detail!” – Viola Piekut. 

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